Resolutions are the staple of every new year. We often wish to be more active, to spend less time on our screen and more time with our loved ones. With the tumultuous year we’ve just had, it’s only natural to wish for more time with friends, less stress and overall a peaceful year, devoid of twists and turns.

The past twelve months have been ideal times for learning, and we emerge from the 2020 storm equipped with new knowledge and tools that will help us take on 2021 and the future with gusto. Before setting new goals and defining next steps, the Niché team paused for a moment, to reflect on our industry and our agency and to express its wishes for the new year.

A very unconventional Christmas

This year, we experienced many things differently. Therefore, it seemed normal to revisit our way of celebrating the Holiday Season. We chose to make a charitable donation instead of exchanging gifts. We bought toques from the Différent comme toi collection from the Véro & Louis Foundation. The funds raised by this campaign are applied directly to the construction of a center for adults aged 21 and over living with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). If you wish to join us and display proudly your uniqueness while keeping your head warm, head to the Foundation’s website. For 2021, we wish to pay it forward and to be more sensitive to the needs of those around us.

We now live in a digital world

Even though the shift over to virtual meetings has not been easy, one thing is clear: we are not done learning and we are motivated to do so! Our industry was deeply affected, as with many others, but we acquired concrete tools and a renewed desire to reach new heights. For 2021, we wish to see more virtual events, and plan them even better than we did.

“We need to make a smarter use of virtual tools in our industry. This type of events should be part of companies’ marketing plans, as a concrete engagement strategy. This requires, among other things, accurate and detailed ROI evaluation and meaning event data analysis.” – Andréanne

“In 2021, I would like to see more innovative ideas for virtual events. I would also like the industry to showcase content in events, regardless of their scale!” – Dania

“I wish to see a movement towards hybrid event formats in our industry.” – Nicholas

A versatile industry

The event industry is forever changed by the events that took place in the past year. To keep improving and raising the bar, our team believes that the key to success lies in the content, but also in our ability to adapt and accept change.

“In 2021, we have to stop thinking that a virtual event relies on delivering meal boxes and eating them in front of our computer.” – Elaine

“I think 2020 has brought us a sufficient amount of change. In 2021, I want to take the time to explore and play with all the new options for bringing events to life that the last year has thrown at us.” – Sofia

“I hope the next year brings a better understanding among clients that virtual events aren’t cheaper, that the money is simply invested differently.” – Nicholas

Niché’s growth

The agency took on a new direction last October. This identity update has pushed us to surpass ourselves and gives us a breath of fresh air for the upcoming year. Of course, we want to continue to grow, acquire new customers and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

“I wish for us to be resilient and meet our trials with strength, to be as stable as ever, and to remain curious; it is our greatest strength.” – Camille

“I wish for us to embrace our creativity and take our customers out of their comfort zone!” – Valérie

“In 2021, I would like the agency to keep growing and hope get many opportunities to be even more creative and innovative.” – Arianne

“I wish for us to keep nurturing our team spirit, to be able to face any possibility! As a team, we can face whatever 2021 has in store for us.” – Sofia

Back to the new normal 

There is no two ways about it: most of us cannot wait to get back to normality and to be close again with our loved ones. As individuals, we wish for and need tenderness, meaningful learnings, and uplifting discoveries.

“I hope to be able to travel again in our beautiful country and to discover its quaint little towns!” – Valérie

“I wish for us to get back to normality and to share a bottle of wine and a bag of Chicago Mix with friends.” – Élaine

“I wish for myself a more peaceful year, and many calm and happy moments.” – Camille

It goes without saying that our dearest wish is to meet and collaborate with our customers and vendors in person, to shake their hands. In the meantime, we hope this unconventional Holiday Season brings you the comfort and rest you need to start the New Year off in high energy.

The entire Niché team wishes you a festive Holiday Season. We will meet again as one in 2021 for more events, regardless of their format!

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