Event strategy

Working closely with your internal teams, we think about your strategic goals and how to express your brand in a different way, so that the result lives up to your expectations, and beyond. Here’s how our event strategy takes place:

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Communication plan
  • Guest journey

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Customer support

We guide you, but you stay in control. We take care of your project while involving you. Our decisions are always informed, based on concrete and complete tools. Our support includes:

  • Management and planning of the entire project
  • Collaborative tools: budgeting, scheduling, planning, supplier management

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Design and event branding

To bring an emotion to life, design is of major importance. That’s why we do everything we can to create the image and experience that will live up to your brand or event, making sure it is always relevant. Among our services you will find:

  • Custom design and concept
  • Brand experience
  • Decoration, ambiance and layout
  • Creation of communication pieces
  • Creation of the visual design of the event

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Content creation

Creating an event is about telling a story. The story of your brand, of your event. This is what we are passionate about and we do it while respecting human, societal and environmental values. Here is the game plan:

  • Main thread of the event
  • Content creation and management
  • Creative writing and brand messages
  • Development of the program
  • Collaboration with celebrities and artists

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Staging and talents

Creating a unique guest experience and making a lasting impression requires creating a strong message, finding a powerful concept and bringing together talented collaborators. Here are some of our strengths:

  • Scripting
  • Complete management of the animation
  • Emotional connection with the audience

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It’s often behind the scenes that everything takes place. When it comes to production, our team knows that efficiency and optimization are critical, and that the only thing that should be visible to guests is perfection. We are masters in the art of production:

  • Customized production
  • Logistics
  • Technical and stage management
  • Interactive technology solutions

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Gastronomic experience

In order to enhance the taste experience as much as the event itself, every element is carefully selected, from the menu development to the presentation. Count on our expertise when it comes to :

  • Menu creation
  • Pre-event tasting
  • Table art
  • Collaboration with chefs

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