With the current physical distancing measures, employee recognition often needs to be done virtually. Whether through an event or a small gesture, there are many ways you can maintain your team’s commitment.

The last few months have forced many businesses to shift their office activities to employees’ homes. So perhaps your team building activities have been limited to virtual happy hours or lunch over Zoom. Under the present circumstances, thanking your employees is even more essential in motivating them at a time when everything is being done remotely.

Why is it important to express your appreciation to your staff?

  • To enhance their sense of belonging and commitment to the team
  • To sustain their need to feel important and useful in their role
  • To promote team cohesion, reinforce it and maintain the synergy until you can all get back to the office.

You could express your appreciation in various ways:

Personally thanking each team member individually

  • through a gesture
  • by sending a gift in the mail
  • by sending a handwritten message to the employee

Thanking the team

  • by offering a group activity unrelated to work
  • by organizing an activity that highlights each employee’s skills and hard work

At Niché, getting together outside of regular business hours has remained a priority:

  • A virtual potting workshop given by one of our coworkers
  • Team building with TBMOQ – but careful, some of our team members have proven quite competitive!
  • Our traditional Thursday happy hours have continued, but on Zoom

We’ve seen many more great initiatives taken by other businesses:

  • Delivery of a meal to employees within a same department
  • Series of happy hours with very small groups spread over a few days, allowing every team member to participate
  • Group yoga on Zoom given by a certified instructor
  • Delivery of pastries or treats to employees’ homes.

Much like any event, a teambuilding or recognition event requires planning. Our team will help you according to your needs.

This summer, transform your BBQs and happy hours into virtual events. Have an idea or need some help bringing your staff together virtually? Contact us to talk about your projects!

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