The team acquires new talent!

With our return to business, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of a new team member! Introducing Maude-Laurence, our new senior consultant.

With over 12 years of experience in the events industry, Maude-Laurence has organized her share of webcasting events – so the virtual shift our industry has been forced to take doesn’t scare her one bit! Her technical knowledge is a considerable asset and will help us better guide our clients in bringing their projects to life. She joins our team with a great deal of enthusiasm:

“The adventure, the challenges, the opportunity to work with a dynamic new team and take on major projects… these are what motivated me to join Niché,” she said.

We’re delighted to have Maude-Laurence on our team and look forward to seeing her outside of a Zoom call!

Learn more about Maude-Laurence

  1. Her favourite event quote: The show must go on!
  2. In another life she would have been: A travel agent
  3. Her guilty pleasure: Ice cream from Kem CoBa
  4. Her tool of choice during an event: Her watch, to always be on time

Worth knowing… Maude-Laurence personally directs all her events.

Welcome to Niché!

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