It’s a done deal! Andréanne & Co. has become Niché, an event planning agency looking to raise the bar in an industry that is currently called upon to renew itself. In this article, our team explains how this change in identity marks the beginning of a new era beyond name and image.

In eight years, Andréanne & Co. has come a long way. It has grown from Andréanne to a complete team.

Our agency has brought great emotions to many people by organising their weddings, congresses, conferences, launches, big parties and galas. Our team accompanied each client as if they were the only one, even if they were called upon to work on different projects at the same time. By becoming Niché, our agency affirms that it is ready to play in the big league, that of agencies specializing in event organisation.

“Our industry is experiencing huge changes, and it’s time for us to change too. We wanted to define who we are to better reflect our brand in our service offering.”

  • Andréanne, President

Andréanne & Co. was always going to become Niché, pandemic or not. Even if our desire to evolve predated 2020, the last few months accelerated a shift that had been coming fast. These months allowed us to redefine ourselves and evolve. We succeeded in honing our craft while continuing to learn and never losing sight of the needs of those we serve.

“By becoming Niché, we’re putting the recent shift in our industry into perspective and demonstrating in a concrete way that we have succeeded in reinventing ourselves. Change can be disruptive, but it also generates great things like Niché!”

  • Arianne, Project Coordinator

Events in all shapes and sizes

Even though our environment is changing, some things stay the same. No matter the type of event, the path to making it happen and the way to conceive of it remain the same. Not even a year ago, there were almost no virtual event specialists. In a mere few weeks, our entire industry has done a 360 and now makes it possible for people to continue to be together while respecting public health and government social distancing guidelines. Nothing is impossible.

“More than ever, everyone’s unique skills were put forward. We had to trust each other and accept that, even though we’d been in this business for a long time, there were a lot of things we didn’t know how to do just six months ago.”

  • Camille, Talent and Culture Manager

The past year was very formative for our team, and it also confirmed that we knew what we were doing and that our identity change came at the right time. If event planning brings us together as professionals, it also allows us to come together as human beings.

“There will always be events, and they will always remain the perfect gathering, training and entertainment tool.”

  • Valérie, Senior Consultant

Redefining ways people connect

Niché has been able to meet each of the challenges of the last few months by thinking about the best ways to help people connect using digital technology.

“The need for human connection has never been greater than it is today. Every day, we work to find real and interesting options to meet this essential need.”

  • Sofia, Brand and Design Manager

Today, we see digital technology’s limitations, but also all the things it allows us to do. Tomorrow, we’ll continue to use technology to create great events that will stand the test of time and redefine how people connect.

“Multimedia and communication will be even more important than they were before the pandemic. Events will require more in-depth technological knowledge and push us to find innovative ways to showcase important messages.”

  • Maude-Laurence, Senior Consultant

A simplified future focused on event planning

Our new methods have proven their relevance and will keep step with our industry in the coming years.

“Content will become increasingly important. Not only will it keep the audience interested and engaged, but it will also build a relationship that lasts beyond the event.”

  • Élaine, Production Director

As with all aspects of our lives, our environment will reflect what we want to do with our society. Using a sustainable approach and quality content, Niché will continue to do what it does best: focus on event planning.

“Tomorrow’s event planning will be greener, bigger, more people-friendly and warmer. We want to continue meeting in person, but we plan to do it more efficiently and enjoy the moments when we can get together and celebrate.”

  • Dania, Project Coordinator

Check out our range of services and discover how we can help you develop your next event and make it a reality.


Andréanne & Co event agency changes its identity and becomes Niché

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