33rd Great Evening of Stars

Beauty and the Beast Edition


  • Client

    Foundation of Stars

  • Year


  • Guests


  • Amount raised

    445 000 $

  • Location

    New City Gas

We organized the 33rd gala for the Foundation of Stars to raise funds for pediatric research. We created a musical with a Beauty and the Beast theme.

“Great collaboration with the team! They delivered a magical evening that was brilliantly orchestrated with precision and professionalism, and right on schedule.”

Josée Saint-Pierre

— President and CEO, Foundation of Stars

An evening worthy of a fairy tale

Hosted by foundation spokesperson Maripier Morin and Marc Hervieux, the event immersed guests in a veritable fairy tale. From the banquet to the show, every detail was orchestrated to create a magical experience.

The golden candlesticks and attention to detail helped recreate the ball from the famous children’s tale, Beauty and the Beast. In addition, artist Véronique Claveau delivered a superb musical performance that delighted the audience.

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A magical performance

The evening unfolded in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, where guests were treated to a musical featuring the story of Beauty and the Beast. The performance charmed the audience and created a magical ambiance infused with nostalgia evoked by this story with a cult following.

Our partners

  • Choreographer: Connue Rotella
  • Music director: Emilie Josset
  • Artists: Philippe Touzel, Brigitte Desy & David Laurin
  • The Beast: Jocelyn Coutu
  • The Beauty: Ève-Marie Mathieu
  • Guest artist: Véronique Claveau

“À nous de jouer” ball - Tennis Canada 2017

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